Naples Garage Storage

Garage Storage Organization

Getting organized in your garage is as much about your storage products as it is about what you are storing or how naturally organized you are. If you don’t have the right garage storage organizers, it can be very difficult to keep the area in tip-top shape, especially if you have a lot of items that need to be kept in the garage.

At Premier Showcase, we build garage storage systems for each Naples homeowner based on the way the family uses the space. For example, if you are an avid gardener and you have a lot of lawn equipment, your garage will look a bit different than that of someone who plays a lot of sports and has sporting equipment for every season. We take a look at what you have and make suggestions based on that. If you are looking for custom garage storage solutions that work, you can count on us to create a system for you.

Garage Storage Solutions

When we customize a garage, we strive to use as much of the space as possible along the walls and the ceiling of the garage. This leaves your floor space free for your cars and any activities you want to do in your garage. Here are some of the garage organizers we can use to maximize your storage potential without taking up valuable floor space.

  • Overhead storage racks. Keep seasonal decorations, old books and other items that you don’t need frequently out of the way up near the ceiling with overhead storage racks. Many people forget about the space up near the ceiling, but at Premier Showcase, we help you use that space so it’s not wasted.
  • Wall panels. We offer two wall panel storage systems: Gridwall and slatwall. They both work the same way, but they have two different looks. You can attach clips, bins, baskets, latches, hooks and other accessories to the panels, and those accessories can hold a wide variety of items. Use them to suspend your rakes and shovels from the wall, or slide in small bins for your screws and nails.
  • Garage shelving. Our shelving can also slide into the gridwall and slatwall systems, making them completely adjustable and able to be reconfigured quickly and easily.
  • Specialized holders. Whatever you’re storing, we can come up with a solution. Hang your ladder on the wall, and get a special holder for all of your aerosol cans. We can also help you store your bicycles, either on the wall or from the ceiling. No matter what you’re storing, just ask us and we will have solutions that will work for you.

If you are ready to get your garage whipped into shape, Premier Showcase is ready to help. Please call us or stop by one of our showrooms to learn more about our garage organizers. We can help you make light work of your garage storage situation, so call today!