Fort Myers Entertainment Centers

Custom-Built Entertainment Centers

At Premier Showcase, we can build any custom entertainment centers that will hold all of your electronics, media and more! We can take a look at what you have in your living room and help you choose the components needed to keep all of your belongings in great shape for years to come. Whether you enjoy an occasional movie night or you regularly have a group over for entertainment, we have the products you want with the quality that you need in your home.

Do you like hanging out with your family or friends, watching movies, listening to music, playing video games or otherwise enjoy your living room or family room? Maybe you have a collection of DVDs or even some old vinyl albums. Or perhaps you have teens who have every video game console available, complete with a collection of games, controllers and various accessories. One thing is for certain: It can be difficult to keep all of this equipment dust-free and in neat, tidy condition.

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Entertainment Centers

Your entertainment needs are most likely not the same as anyone else’s. When we create your entertainment unit, we’ll take into consideration what you plan on doing with it, what you need to store and who will be using it. Some of the ways that we can customize your entertainment center include:

  • Glass-front, hinged or sliding doors on your cabinets. We want your storage unit to go with the rest of your decor, so we’ll help you choose the types of cabinet doors that will best complement the way you live.
  • Thick, sturdy shelves. Thin, flimsy shelves have no place in a custom-built entertainment center. We use thick shelves that will be hold all of the CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray or video game discs that you have to store.
  • Fully backed shelves and cabinets. You won’t have to worry about losing games, music or movies behind your unit, because it comes fully backed.
  • A variety of finishes. Again, we want your cabinets to look great in your living room. Whether your style is modern or retro, traditional or rustic, country or industrial, we have finishes that will match.
  • Completely customized. If you need more shelves and fewer cabinets, pull-out drawers, units built into the wall, fireplace entertainment units (electric or gas) or a custom TV frame, it’s no problem! Each of our pieces is built specifically for the family using it, so yours will be customized especially for you.

If you are ready to look at entertainment centers for your home, please call Premier Showcase. We can come to your home to provide a free consultation, or you can stop by our showroom to see the types of centers we can build. Our goal is to make life simpler for you and your family. Please call today to learn more about custom entertainment units in the Fort Myers area.