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Home Office Design and Organizer Solutions

A stunning 45 percent of American employees work from home, and an additional 53 million people work out of their homes as freelancers Whether you work from home or not, you or someone in your household has (or needs) a home office. Even those who do not telecommute often find the benefit in having a home office organization system. A home office can help keep tax records, financial forms, correspondence and other business matters in good order and able to be found immediately.

At Premier Showcase, we are experts at home office design in Fort Myers. When designing a custom home office, our goal is to help you be as productive as possible with high-quality products and excellent workmanship. When you are organized, you can get down to the business of, well, your business, instead of wasting time trying to get yourself situated.

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Home Office Systems That Work for You

When we help you choose home office organizers for your work area, we will ask you questions about what you plan to accomplish in the room, as well as what your biggest organizational struggles are. From there, we can offer home office solutions that will solve your problems and help you get your work done more efficiently. Some of the ways that we can help you get more organized include:

  • Shelving: Keep binders filled with paper files, books and other items neat and tidy on your new shelving. Our shelves are thick and can bear heavy loads. They’re also adjustable in height to avoid wasting space between them. We can place these going up a wall, like built-in bookcases, or along the top perimeter of the room. Everything we build is custom-made, so we’ll make our products fit your needs.
  • Cabinets: Our cabinets come in many different finishes and have special touches like hidden hinges and full backings. We don’t want you snagging your clothing on them or losing important papers behind them, so we make the effort to keep little snafus like that from happening. Your home office makeover will look great when you choose your favorite finish; we have several available that will fit your decorating style.
  • Drawers: Our drawers open and close smoothly and completely. It will be a joy to have exactly what you need literally at your fingertips. We can put in drawers that function as a file cabinet or more shallow drawers to hold your office supplies (or both).
  • Custom Workspace: No home office renovation would be complete without a workspace that fits you and your work perfectly. We can install yours at any height, so you can sit or stand at your desk. We offer different finishes and worktops, allowing you to match or complement the rest of your home decor.

If you are ready for a home office remodel project, please call Premier Showcase. Alternately, you can stop by one of our Southwest Florida showrooms. We service homes in Fort Myers, Marco Island, Naples and the surrounding areas. Don’t let another work week go by with disorganization and the frustration that accompanies it. Call us today to schedule your free in-home consultation.